Chasing your dreams isn’t easy but it is more difficult if you do nothing about them. I haven’t always been an achiever but I genuinely think that if you are focused and diligent towards your goals there is nothing that can stop you. I always enjoy spending my time reading, working on an art piece, and doing home decor. Adventure sports-Hiking, Trekking, Zipline. I love traveling and I have traveled to California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, New York and I would love to travel to Utah, Colorado. Other than all of this as a professional, I believe growth is very important, and learning new skills is a necessity.

Born and Brought up in Indore, I love this city because being a foodie person there is nothing that you can’t get anything in Indore to eat anytime, anything. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication (B.E. IN E&C ) and Masters of Science in Management Information System (MS in MIS). During the initial years of my graduation, I always wanted to shift overseas and explore different continents. Well! It did come true as I moved to the USA to work as a Python Developer.

This was an opportunity for me to get better and learn. While moving forward, there were roadblocks and obstacles, but I took every hurdle as a challenge and achieved everything that I have got today. My efforts are always directed towards expanding my horizons and courageously facing fears of learning something new every day. If you ask me what keeps me motivated, then my answer would be – Growth. I want to see an improved version of myself tomorrow. It’s not always easy to keep going and get out of your comfort zone but it’s worth it.

My idol has always been and will always be my Mom. She was the one who encouraged me to go for higher studies and I will always be grateful for all the valuable lessons she has taught me about life. My journey was a wonderful one. My mother dreamed of raising me an independent woman and eventually supported me to pursue higher studies.

Shivani is energetic, full of life, and determined to achieve great things in life. She handles the responsibility of Python Developer at Xecta. Her eagerness to learn and acquire knowledge each passing day is commendable.

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Published On: February 25th, 2022 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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