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In 3rd year of my college, I participated in a debate competition that was held at an all Girls college; I won. What was more memorable than winning that competition was the brief moment when I was a matter of envy for my boys from mechanical, because I was suddenly “popular” and surrounded by girls. All my boys from mechanical, do you relate?! Big Bang Theory got nothing on me; for that day 😃

I am extremely sociable and outgoing. I have competed in debate, swimming (thanks to my father who is a national swimming champion), become Director of ToastMaster (A public speaking organization) and mentored 4 presidents of clubs within, become the host for many events (in college and at work), played the drum and been part of a Band!! I think I have done it all. But at heart, I am a simple boy, who is very close to his mom and loves squabbling with his little brother.

At work, I am proud of where I am at. In a very short duration, I have joined ranks of Scrum Masters, and I am humbled by it every day, trying to become better for my team and for myself, every day! The persistence, to do better, in me comes from my father. Following his footsteps has made me realize that no matter how strong the water is, you can always find a way to swim and get across safely. Even as a student, despite my numerous “side- excursions”, I made sure to not compromise my education, and as a honors graduate I even got awarded Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for outstanding academic and curriculum achievements. It may be haughty of me to say this, but I truly believe, if you put passion and effort, you can really DO IT ALL.

At times like today, I think we need to have faith and keep our passions alive and continue doing the things that we love. The quarantine has certainly brought families together, and I have loved being close to my parents, well at least for now 😉. The break from numerous distractions has allowed me to introspect and understand what do I want in this lifetime. It doesn’t mean I have figured it all out. I have just realized that it's okay not to know the whole path, especially when life around is messy. All you need to do is, inhale a deep breath and take the best step forward.

Shobhit embodies a true sentimental millennial gentleman. As a scrum master of the Recruitment team, we can describe Shobhit as an empathetic leader. But we don’t want to hide the notoriously comical side of Shobhit from you all. One moment you get a pensive leader and another moment a light-hearted co-worker. With either of his sides, Shobhit personifies zeal for life and passion for goodwill.

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