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One of the best things to happen to me was New York City. I was born in Mangalore (a small coastal city in India) and spent most of my childhood in Mumbai. Living in NYC was a dream come true. I spent a lot of my time here as a student, when the times were simpler and happier than today. But then I got the opportunity to join the technology team of Cargill, in Minnesota. I was distressed. I love the east coast and I had a huge decision to make ahead, to move or not to move to one of the coldest cities of USA, MN.

When I moved to MN, the only thing that consoled me was being part of Cargill, the largest privately held corporation in the United States in terms of revenue. I was distraught because even though the east coast wasn’t as green as Mangalore or New York didn’t have as many pristine sandy beaches as back home, or as flavorful food, but New York had lots of cuisine to binge on and beautiful landscapes and all types of seasons. As a blogger for food & travel, it was a perfect ecosystem for me.

It took me a while but as I spent summer and then the bleak spring and then the large winters in Minnesota, I have come to like its charm. Now I get to go to so many lakes, among which Minnehaha lake is my favorite. I am still struggling with a lack of variety of cuisine, but I was happy to make visits to Duluth and to explore nearby natural escapes.
Coming to Cargill while exciting, was also daunting. It’s a large corporation and I wasn’t sure how my new colleague would be. But all my worries were baseless. Not only people, somehow even other’s pets are nicer in MN!!

Food blogger, traveler, nature expeditionist, painter, photographer, avid reader, singer, and an excellent Software Engineer, now Spoorthi is also learning to play guitar, which had been on her bucket list for some time. Is there anything that Spoorthi can’t do? While she is not busy solving problems and working to make a better technology team for Cargill, Spoorthi likes to watch movies. She is a huge fan of the FRIENDS series, Harry Potter, DC, and Marvel.

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