“To be able to achieve goals you need to dream it first, and to be able to fulfil it you need to work with utmost dedication”. With this being the agenda of my life I dream  to become a support system for my family and to fulfil all my duties and responsibilities. Along with working hard to achieve my dreams I like reading novels, listening to music, and watching anime.  

I am a malayali born in a place named Anchal which falls in Kollam district of Kerala and have done my schooling from 1st to eighth at K V Vikaspuri, Delhi. After this, we moved to Mumbai where I completed my remaining part of schooling at K V Bhandup, and happened to take up electronic engineering at Terna Engineering College, Nerul. Finally, I shifted to bangalore. I have admired many personalities but I never idealised any since I believed in being the original though I don’t mind adapting any good qualities that I admire in the people I come across.  

I also want to travel around the world and see new places, culture and enjoy talking to people from all walks of life and to hear their stories and mythologies that form traditions over a period of time for different clans. I kind of find them quite fascinating.If I get a chance to travel then I would start with a bharat darshan before going anywhere else since I believe our country has a deep history which is hidden under layers of dust and it needs to be brought back to light and taken pride of. 

As it is said there is a woman behind a successful man, well in my case it again is a woman behind my success too and it is none other than my sister who knows what I am capable of and continues encouraging me and reprimanding me from time to time. Well she is the guiding light of my life and then there is my younger brother who trusts my abilities and my parents who have supported my two time-zone life. I guess I have every reason to feel blessed. 

Swetha has a vibrant and modest personality. Her point of view on life gives us a new perspective. She has been a vital part of Consultadd and is always up for new challenges and experiences; she has been a living example of how nothing is unachievable when you work hard every day and strive to be a better version of yourself. 

‘Voices of Consultadd’ is a dedicated arena to freely voice our accomplishments, struggles, opinions; to share our stories.’  

Published On: January 28th, 2022 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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