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"Optimistic" is the word I would define myself with. No matter how hard the conditions are, if one can manage to look at the sunny side, the world always smiles with you. I am born and brought up in a beautiful city Ajmer. As a child, I remember myself being the naughtiest and the happiest of the crowd. I have my morals rooted by the most disciplined Catholic School of the State.

Being a part of ConsultAdd has been an overwhelming journey. I still remember my interview for ConsultAdd, wherein I cleared 10 boot camps. Every round was different and unpredictable.
With every passing day, I want to challenge myself more and train myself with newer skill sets. This appetite for learning makes my journey more interesting. I utilize my free time reading books and learning new skills. Besides my focus on the tasks, I use my time for creating Social Media Marketing content for Pure Leaves, a company founded by my father. I create content that aligns the interests of the company and its customers, both. I have gained a lot of marketing and creative experience through this project.

My mantra for life is "Have Faith in Yourself" I am a dreamer and I see myself achieving the heights but what I ponder the most is when I picture myself sharing my life experiences with the World with an aim to make a difference someday. With the agenda of exploring myself, I found out about my hidden aspiration of traveling the World. Although I haven't traveled much, I have huge plans to do so.

I am a people's person. I like to share and listen to every person's story. Michelle Obama, the person, and her lifestyle inspires me a lot. Also, there is something to be inspired by everyone's life story.

Tanya is a part of the ConsultAdd team and is handling the post of Talent Acquisition Manager. She is a person with a positive attitude, who has a great sight to pick the best from every situation and person. To keep herself updated in all forms, not only Tanya works on acquiring skills, getting inspired by success stories, but is also keen on self-exploring, which is admirable.

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