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When I sit and recall my journey from India to the States, I wonder how life switches from one path to another. As fascinating as it sounds, moving to the States was the biggest change of my life. Not only 'being accepted' was a challenge, but survival also has been a continuous process itself. If not for survival, how else could a person aspiring to be a pilot rather end up graduating as an IT engineer from Ahmadabad, complete her masters in investigative journalism in US but thrive as Business Analyst in Envision healthcare? Looking back, the continuous process of survival also has been thrilling and fun.

I am a creative person and I feel every morning brings a new challenge and a new learning. Reading, painting, dancing, singing are some of my hobbies, but I particularly enjoy hiking and river rafting.

I always advocate that one should not wait for destiny to open the door but should work hard and smart to find the door of success. A teaching that I derived from my father, who I idolize more than anyone else in the world.

I also believe in giving back and contribute my bit for social cause. Donating clothes annually, support causes for old age people, and distributing crayons to challenged kids are some of my ways to bring a smile in the world.

Vaidehi pulsates with vibes of a powerhouse. She is a strong woman who denies sitting back and watch the hand dealt with her, in life. She is a person who is curious enough to not settle and courageous enough to take the path unknown, and yet thrive. We bet even her colleagues and team in Envision Healthcare ponder how does she do it all? Well someday hopefully we can really understand that, and until then we say more power to this fierce, can-do-it-all, independent person!

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