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The joy of dressing is an art!!

There are many things that make me happy but nothing more than getting my pen and paper and sketching my vision. I love fashion and love to design fashion apparel. That’s how I express myself. If there’s one job that I would love to do even at 2 am that is designing clothes; working with different shades, color, culture, tradition- I pour it all to work with the sense of fashion, be it for myself or for others.

Get a girl the right shoes and she will walk right in to rule the world! Fashion or clothes are my weakness and strength. Fashion bonds people across the globe. Fashion bonds me with different events in my life. It’s not about the dress I wear, but about the life I lead in the dress that I love. I believe in dressing up and dressing right for all occasions. Dressing for something is mindset of belief that that thing will happen. So I believe, we can have anything we want in life if we dress for it!!

So, I dress up for my work, I dress up for the success that I desire for. I love being independent and responsible by taking charge of things, which always makes me realize how strong and confident I can be. My priority is my work and equally important is my family. Family and friends have been everything to me. While I want my life to be routine but I love it better with less rules and more happiness.

In my journey my motto is; slow and steady wins the race, till truth and talent claim their place.

My truth is my work, where I get to interact with so many people from different parts of world with variety of fashion sense too. I think we all see the world from our own fashion sense. And for me, to do job with of course I compete and compete bring results truly befitting of being a SHOWSTOPPER!!

As a Sr. Account Manager, Vasundhra’s focus is to help our consultant be aligned with right client contracts. She has managed many contracts with clients like Etrade, CVS, Amadeus and many more. She brings balance of ambition with lightheartedness in the job, which makes Vasundhra a good mentor and amicable colleague to work with!

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