Born and raised in the city of Indore, I am a person who is more of an introvert but also somebody who loves to explore. My childhood has been filled with so many memories. Growing up, I had a dream of taking fashion as my profession. Going in the direction of becoming a fashion influencer or modeling on a runaway has been my first career choice. But my parents wanted me to become an engineer. My family has many engineers and hence my folks motivated me to take it forward as my career. Finally, I was convinced and went for my engineering in electronics & communications. Looking back, I am glad that I took this road. I have always been ambitious and studious since the start. I enjoy my studies and always do more than what is expected of me. In my college days, I played basketball at the state level. It has been my go-to sport since then.

My weekends are usually occupied with playing basketball or doing workouts in the evening. Also, I love binging thrill-packed series whenever I have some time on my hands. If your go-to-genre is a thrill, then some of my recommendations will be Gotham, Spectral, and Narcos. Apart from watching shows, I love to travel to snowfall destinations and try adventurous activities of all kinds. My recent trip made me experience the fun of river rafting and soon I will be going bungee jumping.

When I got my first job at Consultadd, my family was elated. My parents have been my constant support from the beginning and now it was my chance to do something for them. It gives me immense happiness to spend time and enjoy all the little moments with them. I got the most amazing and supportive friends who have been with me throughout my journey. I am grateful for the people in my life including my team at Consultadd. My teammates are always available if I need them at any point.

Vinal is an opportunistic learner with radiating positive energy. She handles her job as a Senior Marketer at Consultadd with immense passion and has mended herself into a strong personality.

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Published On: May 6th, 2022 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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