I hail from the western corner of tourist’s Golden Triangle, Rajasthan. With numerous forts and palaces, mharo desh is a tourist’s fortune. To be specific, Bharatpur is my hometown. Yes, the beautiful avifauna sanctuary called Keoladeo Ghana National Park is what my city is famous for. I have always been a pampered kid of the house and I am not gonna deny that. Just like my city’s culture of preserving around 350+ species of birds in the best possible natural conditions and let them grow, my parents too constantly keep on supporting me even in the worst situation and help me grow each day. From my schooling in “St. Peters” to college “Arya”, I have been putting my feet into everything that came across. Hockey is one of those. Although I never played on the district/state level, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I strongly believe that for achieving anything big “Consistency is the KEY”. Recently I have stepped into the fitness world. However glamorous it seems, it tests your patience to another level the only thing which helped me to achieve my fitness goal is ‘CONSISTENCY”. One day at a time and there you are! Step outside for some exercise and you will find that mental tension and overthinking is no longer an issue when you return home.

While at work, Recognition keeps me motivated. Everybody likes being appreciated, I just channelized the liking into my driving force. I try to add a pinch of perfection to whatever I do. Even if it is as simple as cleaning my home, I choose to be close to Perfection. My bucket list is lengthy and the Maldives tops it. Honestly, I am not a fan of historical places, rather I am more of an adventurous person.

Growing up in a patriarchy-based society, women tend to believe that they are inferior, right from a younger age. They are taught to be dependent on the male figures for decision-making. With so much development and modernization in every corner of the world, perception towards females needs improvisation. Not only men, women too need to upgrade their standards and educate themselves about equal rights and responsibilities. I aspire to join an NGO that works for women, helps them get justice, and encourages them to take their lives into their own hands. Victims of sexual abuse are most affected of the lot and I surely want to help them in the best possible way.

Do free birds feel for the caged ones? Do they understand how privileged they are? Well, Yashika surely does. Grew up in the most secure world, she not only empathizes with helpless and needy women but also has a strong determination to find a better way out. Having a positive mindset itself is halfway crossed. Perfect planning and then executing is one of Yashika’s things and we believe the software development process has its role to play in this. Developing software for Consultadd and developing Women’s status in society is what she is handling together and is doing perfect multitasking.

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Published On: April 23rd, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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